Neuropsychopharmacologia Hungarica

2008. október, X. évfolyam 4. szám [translated version]

Eredeti közlemény

Trichotillománia és komorbiditás – a lamotrigin új megvilágításban

Moretti Magdolna
Pszichiátriai magánrendelés, Eger


Original paper

Trichotillomania and comorbidity--lamotrigine in a new perspective

Magdolna Moretti

Pszichiátriai magánrendelés, Eger, Hungary

Trichotillomania an impulse disorder that causes people to pull out the hair) is a relatively rare psychiatric illness, though the number of patients in need are definitely much higher than that we encounter in psychiatric practice. According to ICD-10 and DSM-IV-TR trichotillomania is an impulse disorder but latest researches in neurobiology and picture taking procedures seem to provide convincing evidence of it's being a relative of addictions. The article is a glimpse into the core of the newest literature also focusing on therapeutical solutions. The therapeutical effects of mode stabilizers as lamotrigine appear to gain on significance in the treatment of compulsive-impulsive illnesses such as trichotillomania. The article points out the especially high comorbidity with depression and dysthymia (OCD) and focuses on the psychopathologic impact of early traumas. In the case study many elements of the complex therapy of trichotillomania are also displayed.

Keywords: trichotillomania, TTM, impulsive symptoms, impulse disorders, lamotrigin